1st Birmingham Blaze862029101920
2ndWolverhampton Warriors83321614212
3rdLeicester Wildecats83051019- 99
4thNottingham Ballbois82241421- 78
5thYorkshire Terriers82151520- 57

GFSN League 3 / 2014 - 2015.

1st London Romans88004473724
2ndBirmingham Blaze860225121318
3rdCardiff Dragons84041414012
4thLondon Titans82061127- 166
5thLeftfooters8008741- 340

MUL League / 2014 - 2015.

August 17thLOSS 4 - 2vs London PheonixAWAYGFSN Cup
September 14thLOSS 0 - 2vs London RomansHOMEGFSN League
October 12thWIN 4 - 0vs London TitansAWAYGFSN League
November 16thDRAW 2 - 2vs Wolverhampton WarriorsAWAYMUL League
November 22nd WIN 2 - 0vs Cardiff DragonsHOME

GFSN League

December 13thWIN 6 - 0vs Nottingham BallboisHOMEMUL League
January 18thWIN 2 - 5vs LeftfootersAWAYGFSN League
February 1stLOSS 3 -1vs London RomansAWAYGFSN League
February 8th
WIN 4 - 1vs Wolverhampton WarriorsHOMEMUL League
February 15thDRAW 2 - 2 vs Nottingham Ballbois
March 8thWIN 6 - 1vs London TitansHOMEGFSN League
March 22nd
WIN 4 - 2vs Yorkshire TerriersHOMEMUL League
April 5thWIN 2 - 1vs Cardiff DragonsAWAYGFSN League
May 10th
WIN 5 - 3vs LeftfootersAWAYGFSN League
May 17thWIN 2 - 0vs Leicester WildecatsHOMEMUL League
June 7th WIN 5 - 3

vs Yorkshire Terriers


2014 - 2015 Competitive Games

Blaze are the runners up in the 3rd tier of the GFSN. Getting the double over the Dragons, Titans and Leftfooters and the two losses coming to the deserved Champions - London Romans.  

This was our first promotion in the 10 year history of the club, and well earned too.

Now the 2015-16 season sees Blaze up against the teams in the top tier after the GFNS league structure revamp and what looks like a good set of away days.

Blaze deservedly have the MUL title from an unbeaten season with 6 wins and 2 draws.  

Now it belongs to Blaze next season we are going to fight tooth and nail to defend what we have been working towards. 

The only difference between the 14-15 MUL to the 15-16 is the re-introduction of a FINALS day, Blaze are aiming for the top two to get in that final, and defend our honours.

The 2014-15 MUL Champions!

Confirmed Promotion as Runners Up.