August 17thLOSS 4 - 2vs London PheonixAWAYGFSN Cup
September 14thLOSS 0 - 2vs London RomansHOMEGFSN League
October 12thWIN 4 - 0vs London TitansAWAYGFSN League
November 16thDRAW 2 - 2vs Wolverhampton WarriorsAWAYMUL League
November 22nd WIN 2 - 0vs Cardiff DragonsHOME

GFSN League

December 13thWIN 6 - 0vs Nottingham BallboisHOMEMUL League
January 18thWIN 2 - 5vs LeftfootersAWAYGFSN League
February 1stLOSS 3 -1vs London RomansAWAYGFSN League
February 8th
WIN 4 - 1vs Wolverhampton WarriorsHOMEMUL League
February 15thDRAW 2 - 2 vs Nottingham Ballbois
March 8thWIN 6 - 1vs London TitansHOMEGFSN League
March 22nd
WIN 4 - 2vs Yorkshire TerriersHOMEMUL League
April 5thWIN 2 - 1vs Cardiff DragonsAWAYGFSN League
May 10th
WIN 5 - 3vs LeftfootersAWAYGFSN League
May 17thWIN 2 - 0vs Leicester WildecatsHOMEMUL League
June 7th WIN 5 - 3

vs Yorkshire Terriers


2014 - 2015 Competitive Games

Blaze deservedly have the MUL title from an unbeaten season with 6 wins and 2 draws.  

Now it belongs to Blaze next season we are going to fight tooth and nail to defend what we have been working towards. 

The only difference between the 14-15 MUL to the 15-16 is the re-introduction of a FINALS day, Blaze are aiming for the top two to get in that final, and defend our honours.

The 2014-15 MUL Champions!

Confirmed Promotion as Runners Up.

1st Birmingham Blaze862029101920
2ndWolverhampton Warriors83321614212
3rdLeicester Wildecats83051019- 99
4thNottingham Ballbois82241421- 78
5thYorkshire Terriers82151520- 57

GFSN League 3 / 2014 - 2015.

1st London Romans88004473724
2ndBirmingham Blaze860225121318
3rdCardiff Dragons84041414012
4thLondon Titans82061127- 166
5thLeftfooters8008741- 340

MUL League / 2014 - 2015.

Blaze are the runners up in the 3rd tier of the GFSN. Getting the double over the Dragons, Titans and Leftfooters and the two losses coming to the deserved Champions - London Romans.  

This was our first promotion in the 10 year history of the club, and well earned too.

Now the 2015-16 season sees Blaze up against the teams in the top tier after the GFNS league structure revamp and what looks like a good set of away days.